Enviromental Changes Ahead

There are choppy waters ahead, with fuel price rises, petrol pump rises, inflation expected to jump to potentially 7%

The Scottish government recently brought in rules for your home; the need for interlinked smoke alarms, with heat sensors. They won’t enforce the new rules by knocking door to door, however if you sell or remortgage, this will require you to have had this electrical work done, as properties will require to have the interlinked smoke alarms done in order to sell.

As a further measure going forward, there are new regulations for environmental upgrades from 2025. Homes from 2025 must have an energy performance certificate rating of C or better if they are to be sold, let or are undergoing refurbishment. This could typically involve triple glazing, LED lights, installing a more efficient boiler, wall & roof insulation. An EPC (energy performance certificate) is built into every Scottish home report when selling.

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