Targets – Corporates vs Community Agent

In life, many of us set ourselves goals. Achievements, bucket lists. A host of things we need to do this week. Today. This year. Before we die. 

My wife made a list of 50 promises for my 50th year. Events, places, things we needed to do in 12 months. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I do however worry how targets impact on customer service in many walks of life; selling us goods and services we perhaps don’t need right now, if at all.  

Getting closer to home (pun intended) how do targets impact Estate Agency and its industry?

How  does the need to sell a house a day truly fit in with customer care?

What if you have a long term ethos of community Estate Agency?

I get it for a corporate company or franchises. They have overheads, massive national marketing and bills to be covered. A chain of management, even complaints departments to set up, staff and fund.

Regents is a community agent. Whilst still affected by the market and all the demand supply pressures, I want us to not always WORK WITH OUR PUBLIC, but FOR them.
We won’t put pressure on a particular viewer to buy. Not if it’s not right. Instead we find the right buyer. This hasn’t stifled our success or customer satisfaction.

We work with our sellers using our experience and advice to help decide the timescale and process. Always trying to get the best price but not having to get a unit a day sold!

What is a unit anyway? 

It’s a home. A seller is a client. A situation involving that crudely called unit, could be a divorce or sadly a confirmation, with death of a relative. But our bespoke service ensures every one of our experienced staff treats all our clients individually, free from corporate targets to suit a company.

They are employed in the Regents family to look after each and every buyer, seller and mortgage client who trust us with their custom.  That is how we measure our success, in customer satisfaction.


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