Selling Your Home in 2022 with Regents

I think last year took so many of us by surprise. A continuation of covid and the challenges and excuses it offers. Excuses as it seems so many industries used covid as a means of explaining away bad service and delays.

The challenges however were more evident. Whilst the travel, hospitality and retail industry were slaughtered, other sectors seemed to thrive. Car sales and car prices increased as an example.

Whilst house sales numbers may not have increased, the value of property and the eventual sale price certainly did. Even from what seemed like a tremendous “peak” in 2020!

It was possible to have bought in 2020 and made money on resale a year later. A quick check at appropriate websites holding sale prices will confirm this.

Estate Agents had to adapt to challenges on staff sickness and knock on effects on opening hours. We had to inform ourselves and the market about the ever changing legislation, often different from country to country within the British Isles.

We had to adapt to the ever increasing offers but bear in mind that these offers often came within the first few days. So a decision was taken individually on every home, for every client on whether we take a substantial offer or hold for closing. This of course led to confused vendors and angry buyers who were either annoyed at losing out or being blown away in a closing date.

Despite all this we felt Regents were best suited to coping and adapting. A small, professional company can react and turn quicker than a “slow corporate”. We could give the best advice for our area immediately. Rather than a corporate, one fits all compromise that may have suited no one.


What then for 2022?

We see the same trends continuing as the market is “fuelled” not necessarily by lockdown restrictions, Brexit or indeed a need and want to spend on property due to savings created by lockdown. The driving factor was and remains, demand and supply. There are too little available homes for the current buyer demand. Too few bungalows and property’s with gardens for the number of people desperate to purchase. Too many flats in short supply for the “army” of first time buyers and buy to let investors.

So we are as willing and able as last year to repeat our extraordinary performance, in customer care, in adaptation and ability to achieve the best outcome for all that give us their trust.

Reset; Prepare; Repeat;