January Financial Resolutions with Regents

It’s January and we may be in for a tricky year. As inflation is on the rise and heating costs are expected to double, I have some financial resolutions for the month ahead:

– Use your credit card more.
Using ‘one’ card and settling it in full each month can get credit awards and also helps with your credit score. It is important to settle cards, loans even before reducing the mortgage.

– It is viable to buy Christmas 2022 cards and wrapping paper now at a reduced price and store them for Dec 2022

-Cancel the TV subscriptions you possibly don’t require.
With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney etc, do we need them all?

– If you have 2x separate bank accounts, it is viable to have a joint account for bills and shared expenses

– Ditch buying bottled water – using a reusable bottle can save pounds!

– Try a spend free week.
Food and bills aside, try to spend on nothing else for a week in January.

– Review your mortgage, look for the best rate and fix if possible and also look to overpay.
All lenders allow an overpayment of 10% of the balance each year without penalty – this can save a lot of money by transferring extra money into overpaying the mortgage.

I am happy to review your mortgage or insurance needs at the office – its free. Just call or email me for a chat 01383 822555 / 412120 or [email protected]

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