Ready for 2024

I started working in this wonderful industry in 1985. As a “fresher faced” youngster keen to learn everything I could about Homes, about mortgages, architecture, structures, and the possible impediments to a sale.

I never treated houses as just a sales job. If you can sell copiers and cars, office furniture and electrical goods, you can sell!  No. I always felt the hours would be longer, the pressure greater and the devotion to work more. Simple, its most people’s largest financial investment;  it changes and enhances people’s lives. You deal with death, divorce, and a whole lot in between.

My key learn from this 2023 is, you are always learning.  

I loved boasting about never getting lunch, about large viewing numbers and numerous late nights. I felt ratios of 14 viewers to 1 buyer was normal.  That my experience gained over many years would help my mood and guidance.   And yet…

I got used to offers in a week, forgetting all the years hitherto lockdown. I forgot that it is still possible to sell homes on a smaller viewer/buyer ratio, where only the serious look in December and my prediction that this would be a tough year, was disproved.

What has helped our company, other agents, and the industry, is that the average value of a property was high this year. It was another great year for those in a larger property, perhaps empty nest syndrome (with kids gone), to maximise their return on their home. To get the highest possible figure in the knowledge that 10% of a larger amount is obviously more that 10% of the trade down home they purchase.

Our company must and does thank all the wonderful people who have trusted Regents with their largest asset. Who have come and come back to Regents at every home sale. For the relatives and friends they have recommended on both mortgage and the estate agency side. Who have ensured a successful year for both them and Regents.

At 61 you consider retirement. You watch friends and contacts move from the workplace. I feel the opposite. The success, loyalty of our clients and enjoyment I have felt this year has enthused me to work on. To work harder and longer.

I am not the judge of how good I have been. I’m just someone who loves their industry and bounces to work every day. But whatever that talent (medium or whatever) the knowledge I have and continue to gain, must mean as a company we can bring more. Greater knowledge, no negativity, just a group of hard working, experienced estate agents who work consistently as a team in the industry we love.

My sincere thanks again to all our past clients for your trust and business. Rest assured we are ready to give everything again in 2024!