Have Your Home Market Ready

With many sellers holding off marketing their homes due to the lack of available property, we find ourselves in a ‘chicken and egg’ situation.  Demand continues to outstrip supply, sellers are therefore worried that once agreeing a sale on their own, they will be left with no options going forward. 

Let Regents help;

Know what you can afford and have your finances ready.
Our mortgage department has access to the whole of the market so before you even begin your new home search, we can advise on the best options available for your budget.  

Register your details and requirements with us to be kept informed of all new homes due to come to the market. 

As soon as we know of suitable homes coming up, we’ll be in touch!

Have your home market ready.

Ordinarily, we can have your home ready to market within days.  Our aim is to have photographs, draft details and Scottish Home Report completed the day after instruction, with marketing due to commence the again following day.

Time is precious when you have a dream property in mind, so let us help.  Let us line each stage up so you are ready to launch and not from a standing start.  We’ll have your photographs taken and details prepared.  The final step is organising your Scottish Home Report.   This is the vehicle for the buyers mortgage, if getting one. It goes out of date just 3 months after completed so even though your home may sell quickly, we want the Home Report as relevant and in date as possible.

Let us temp the market with teasers to stimulate interest; a photograph of a key, a roof or a view, without identifying the exact home allows us to cleverly build interest.  A register full of buyers looking to secure specific home types in specific areas can be alerted.

Regents will have you market ready so you will have actual interest before your home hits a website.

All of the above means you become an in-between buyer. Not sold but better placed than a fresh start buyer – almost sold.

Now when you see a home you are keen to go after, your argument is made and you have an advantage when offering – a home which will be marketed quickly with interest already, thanks to Regents.

Take advantage of being market ready