Getting Back To Normal

I went to value a home last month. The owners told me “No need for a mask, we know you, your company and you have sold for us before – twice!”
We laughed. Covid doesn’t work like that.

We have a strict policy of selling safely. Of ensuring all can view our homes and safely.

There is of course little doubt that there is a huge problem with the supply of property. This manifests itself in high sale prices being achieved, either through a closing date, sealed bid issue or just a fantastic first offer.

The real answer to all of this is property stock. Buyers and sellers starting to act the way we used to. More homes coming on the market because we are getting back into the way of selling and viewing homes; show houses were by appointment only. For all we never liked open viewings, they will come back.

3 Questions;

How big an impact has the pandemic caused in terms of us all either being nervous about viewing, or indeed getting out the way of visiting show homes, scanning the property portals like Rightmove, and physically viewing available homes?

What percentage of sellers held back as the thought of viewers in a pandemic put them off marketing?

Will the removal of masks and restrictions result in more homes coming to market, thus balancing the demand/supply effect?

Interesting times ahead.