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Online fraud continues to grow. We are now more aware of the HMRC and Royal mail scams, however a new source of money laundering appears to be through Instagram. Criminals are ‘befriending’ inexperienced teenagers and asking them to transfer money on their behalf. This is an effective way of layering money, but has a profound effect on the innocent party – effectively making them a money launderer. It is difficult to manage your teenagers internet usage, but this is another area for discussion and awareness. Term money mule in effect is money laundering – a serious offence

There is a current mortgage boom where the norm is back to being able to borrow approx. 4x your salary. This in some cases, with a high credit score and a good deposit can be 5x income. With rates currently so low, the thought of 5x salary isn’t what it was, as many buyers are finding the mortgage payment to be no more than rent. The low rates however cannot continue. The hot competition in the market is currently being fuelled by the masses of capital lying in bank accounts, built up be people over lockdown. Spending & borrowing are both growing sharply however so these funds will be depleted. So you should grab these rates whilst you can. Regents cover the whole of the market, contact us for a free review of your mortgage and protection needs