Christmas Markets – Selling Your Home

As the countdown to Christmas is looming, focus on the property market tends to dwindle with homeowners pausing to enjoy the festive season.

However, contrary to popular belief, there are benefits to marketing your home during this period.  Here are only a few;

🎄 Generally there are less properties available on the market, which means less competition and therefore, less choice for buyers. 

🎄 Unlike the summer months when viewing numbers can be high with those who love to tour show homes and speculatively view in ‘dream locations’, those who are forcing themselves out in the wet and cold are serious buyers!  Viewer to buyer ratios are lower than any other time of year, those who have decided to move or need to find their next home will still be keen to secure a property, regardless of season.

🎄 Having your property online before the Christmas break can dramatically impact how many potential buyers see your home, giving you a head start for the New Year. 
Rightmove’s statistics from previous years have shown property searches doubling over the festive period when buyers have more time to property search whilst off work.  Generally starting on Boxing Day, traffic increases significantly, with visits continuing to rise in the early days of the New Year. Once Christmas is ‘done and dusted’, buyers are keen to get moving!

🎄 New year, new home – what better way to start the year ahead.  Every year there is a rush of people looking to buy and sell.  Beat this rush by having your property at the front of the queue.  You may also be more likely to achieve a better selling price than you would trying to sell against the flurry of stock in the spring market.

🎄 The current year has been far from normal for all of us.  The supply and demand of homes has resulted in a great market to sell in, who knows what the future holds – make the most of now.

Take our word for it, people are still looking to move! 
If you’re thinking of selling, make the most of the Christmas attention and plan ahead. 
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Selling Your Home At Christmas