The detail is in the delivery

If you’ve ever been in any industry at a high management level you may have had the feelings I did. Even suggesting I was high management sounds pompous.

Firstly, you are promoted because you are quite good at what you do and you have a great work ethic

Well that’s easily explained. If you absolutely love the industry you are in then it’s not like work! Weekends and evenings are an extension of your hobby!

As for being good, the next thing that happens is you are taken out of the job you adore, to oversee others. To pay more, companies promote their producers. In promotion they remove you from what you want to do and are best at.

Overseeing a number of offices was good for me it gave me perspective on different areas. I travelled around the country and to England as a Director. I watched how others achieved and worked. But there remained a problem. Franchises and corporates want things done one way. One fits all.

If a personnel issue we brought in the H R team. On marketing a team was brought in. They couldn’t possibly devise something in this business that suited every branch in every county in the whole of Britain.

It took me time but I knew if I could work with a smaller company of which I was Director I would have a lot less staff but a whole lot more say. I could devise and design the bespoke service I feel the public and all clients would want. A service committed to individual needs and wants. Not one based frankly on production with a local accent or care. We could devise a community strategy that best suited the areas we serve.

It starts as soon as we come out. You decide, rather than slotted into an appointment to suit a corporate schedule. It continues with your choice on viewings and viewing times, schedules videos or photographer. A contact schedule and all I would want if putting my house and trust in a home selling agent. That for me is the beauty of bespoke.

We reach buyers through property portals such as Rightmove and local buyers by keeping them in our register and knowing exactly what they want and need. The more personal and in my opinion better service, is bespoke.