Adding Value to Your Home on a Budget

Top Tips

When it comes to selling your property, Regents want to work with you to maximise the potential sale price. Improvements such as upgrading kitchens and bathrooms can come at a great cost, not to mention causing hassle and taking up valuable time – fret not! 
There are other, smaller improvements that can be completed quickly and cheaply, but that still make a huge difference to the appeal of your home.

Here are our top tips;

Kerbside Appeal
You can only make a first impression once!  A tidy garden, weed free drive and freshly painted front door can entice viewers to see more. 

Flowering plant pots and hidden bins are simple measures that can be taken to create perfect kerbside appeal. 

Declutter your living space
An empty home allows buyers to visualise where they’d place their own furniture and belongings; a furnished home offers an indication to the possibilities on offer.

Clutter can give the impression of a lack of storage; ensure it is tidied away, toys and storage boxes are not on show and jackets and shoes are not on display but stored in cupboards. 

Decluttering can be one of the most effective (and FREE) methods to make your home appear sleek and modern with ample storage.

Focus on the most important rooms
Kitchens and bathrooms are always high on buyer’s priority lists.  A limited budget may be best focused in these rooms. Replacements are not always necessary, targeting specific items can give an overall fresher look.

A clean, grime free room is the best place to start!  Freshly painted walls and often cabinets can give the impression of new fittings.  New handles are another quick and easy update that make a big difference.
Clean, mould free grouting, gleaming floor tiles and shiny hob can make a huge difference to the overall appeal of the room.

In summary, try to view your home as a potential buyer, through fresh eyes.  The things we don’t get around to fixing in our own homes or the ‘knack’ needed to open that door can often be mended quickly and easily. 

Write a short To Do list of the jobs you always planned to do but never got around to, as there is a likelihood that buyers will pick up on these.

Whilst it may seem a lot, we bet you’ll make your way through the list in no time at all and will be glad you did when your home sells quicker that you thought, achieving a great sales price.

Top Tips For Adding Value to Your Home on a Budget